Blogging Kart: Best Free Blogging Tools List For Beginners 2024

Blogging Kart: Best Free Blogging Tools List For Starting A Blog 2024. Is Blogging Still Relevant in 2024 also? Yes, Blogging is still alive and Has Huge Opportunities for Bloggers in 2024. We Know You have so many Questions Regarding Blogging and How to Start Blogging. Those who want to Make Money With Blogging Must Know About What blogging is, How to start Blogging And What are the Best Blogging Tools for Beginners to start a Blog. We have created a beautiful blog BloggingKart for you to solve all these problems.

Blogging is an art and by using the right blogging tool, you can create the best SEO-optimized website and SEO-optimized articles. On this blog, you will get all the latest and updated information about how to start a blog and what tools you should use.  Blogging Tools For Beginners and Pro Bloggers Include Cache Plugins, Themes, Hosting Tools (Best Hosting Providers), Plugins Tools (Best Plugins For WordPress Websites), WordPress Theme ( Best Free And Paid WordPress Themes For Blog), Content Generation Tools, Keyword Research Tools, Seo Tools, Social Media Tools And other Best Tools List For Creating A Blog. In blogging, we have both free and paid tools. You can use these tools as per your requirements.

Blogging Tools List 2024:

    Blogging Niches List 2024:

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        Themes List 2024:

        Blogging Kart: Types of Blogging Tools For Beginners

        For Blogging, we need different types of tools and software. Here is the list of all the tools that we need to create a blog.

        • Web Hosting Tools
        • Content Idea Generation Tools
        • Social Media Tools
        • Banner Creation Tools
        • Blog Reading And Content Discover Tools
        • Blog Post Title Generation Tools
        • Proofreading Tool
        • Stock Image For Blog
        • Seo Tools
        • Blog Email Marketing Tools
        • Images For Social Media Tools
        • Blog Monetization Tools
        • Video Editing Tools
        • Analytics Tools | Blog Stats Tool
        • Productive Tools
        • Keyword Research Tools
        • Push Notifications Tools
        • AI Tools For Blogging

        Blogging Kart: List of 11+ Steps To Start A New Blog

        1. Choose A Blog Niche
        2. Buy A Right Domain Name
        3. Choosing Blogging Platform
        4. Hosting For Blog
        5. Start a blog by setting up a WordPress
        6. Select A Theme For Your Blog
        7. Best Plugins For WordPress Blog
        8. Submit Blog to Search Engines
        9. Submit Sitemap To Search Engines
        10. Optimizing Blog For Search Engines
        11. Installing the Best Cache Plugin In Blog
        12. Promote Your Blog And Get an Audience
        13. Make Money With Blog

        1. Choose A Blog Niche

        The first and most important step to starting a blog is choosing the right niche for your blog. Niche is a specific area or topic that your blog will cover. Choosing the right niche will make things easy for you. A niche can be from any area like Health, Digital Marketing, Technology etc. If we look at these niches that we mentioned here are very widespread and have many sub-niches under them. For Example: Under Health niches are many sub-niches – Weight Loss, Hair fall, diet, Bodybuilding, etc. So choosing the right niche for your blog is most important. We should choose the right niche for your blog for many reasons. Some of them are –

        • You’ll know exactly what subjects to write about when you have a niche For Blog.
        • You’ll be able to draw in an enthusiastic audience about that subject.
        • Choosing the right niche will enable you to establish credibility with your audience and showcase your skills.
        • If you choose the right niche, you can produce regular content that fits your objectives and target audience when you understand your niche.

        2. Buy A Right Domain Name

        Everyone knows what is the importance of our name in our life. In the same way, if you do a business, then to make your business name famous in every corner of the world, a domain name is needed in the Internet world. For example, our company domain Name is “BloggingKart.Com” And is a perfect domain Name. It is not necessary that you can take a domain only if you have a business, any person can take the domain of their choice.

        Choosing the right domain name is another important step in Blogging. Domain name is your blog identity and people will search that name in Google. That domain name will be your brand name in future. So take some time and brainstorm domain name ideas. Now write down those names on a paper. A domain name is not free. For domain names, you have to pay. There are different domain registrar websites from which you can register a new domain. Examples: GoDaddy, Namecheap, Dynadot, Hostinger, Bigrock etc

        In a domain name, you will find TLD i.e. Top Level Domain for example .com, .Net. Mostly on the Internet. Com is registered and most people. Prefer to take .com. It is recommended to take only the .com extension. If your favourite name is not available in .com, first choose another available name. If you still need the same domain name, use another TLD such as. NET,.ORG. It is advisable not to select a domain name that has a popular copyright register, such as, or GoogleNews, FacebookNews etc. Because there may be some problems in this later. So one should stay away from such a name.

        3. Choosing Blogging Platform

        Do you want to start your own blog, but don’t understand how to choose the best blogging platform? This is a tough choice because there are so many different blogging platforms available. How can you find out which one is right for you? If you’re thinking about starting your own blog, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide which blogging platform to use. There are many options out there and each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it can be hard to decide which option would be the best fit for your new blog. The most popular blogging platform is WordPress. After that Blogger, Wix, Weebly etc also available. But we will always suggest you WordPress.


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        Most Beginners When They Start A Blog Make Many Mistakes Even I Made Many Mistakes When I Started Blogging In 2014. I Was Not Aware Of Lots Of Things Like:- How To Choose A Domain Name? or How To Choose A Hosting Company? And  Which Theme Is Best For My Blog? And Many More Things Like Search Console, Sitemap, And SEO. I Personally Faced all These Problems. Now, After More Than 8 Years In the Blogging Field And Digital Marketing Field, I Created This Free Guide For You. While Reading This Guide If You Face Any Problem then you Can Contact Me. So Now Let’s This Full Process of Blogging.

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